The Potato: Pride of Peru Muñoz Jáuregui, Ana María Valdizán Ayala, José Blanco de Alvarado-Ortiz, Teresa Gómez Mendoza, José Alberto Chávez, Luis Zavaleta Melgar, Juana Zubiate Zamudio, Sandra Cueva, Pamela De la Fuente de Diez Canseco, Luciana Cárdenas Jarama, Martín Masalias, Rossy Laborde, Clet Pardo Figueroa Thornberry, Carlos Liz Vargas, Marie Parraguez, Julio Ibarra, Hector Guzman, Carolina Serrano, Pablo 2021-12-11T17:57:48Z 2021-12-11T17:57:48Z 2018-05
dc.description.abstract Food is a global concern involving all of humanity. Up until the discovery of America, the world population was only 500 million people. Since then demographic growth has accelerated and we are now 7.5 billion people. If we continue at this rate, global population will reach 11 billion human beings by the year 2100. Exponential population growth and the ensuing demand for natural resources represent two of the causes of the increasing ecological imbalance that affects the survival of our species and life on Earth. es_ES
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dc.identifier.citation Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. (2018). The Potato, Pride of Peru. L. de la Fuente de Diez Canseco (Ed.). Lima: USIL, Fondo Editorial. es_ES
dc.identifier.isbn 978-612-4370-17-5
dc.identifier.issn 2521-814X
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dc.publisher Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola es_ES PE es_ES
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dc.source Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola es_ES
dc.source Repositorio Institucional - USIL es_ES
dc.subject Papas (Tubérculos) es_ES
dc.subject Papa (Solanum tuberosum) es_ES
dc.subject.ocde es_ES
dc.title The Potato: Pride of Peru es_ES
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/book es_ES
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