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Título : Depression and Abuse During Medical Internshipsin Peruvian Hospitals
Otros títulos : Depresión y maltrato en internos de Medicina de hospitales peruanos
Autor : Vilchez Cornejo, Jennifer
Viera-Morón, Ronald David
Larico-Callac, Gabriel
Alvarez-Cutipa, Daniela Carla
Sánchez-Vicente, Juan C.
Taminche-Canayoe, Ruth
Carrasco-Farfan, Carlos Andres
Palacios-Zegarra, Alexis Armando
Mendoza-Flores, Cynthia
Quispe-López, Pedro
Toro Huamanchumo, Carlos J.
Palabras clave : Salud mental
Centro médico
Estrés mental
Fecha de publicación : oct-2018
Editorial : Elsevier
Asociación Colombiana de Psiquiatría
Citación : Vilchez-Cornejo, J., Viera-Morón, R. D., Larico-Calla, G., Alvarez-Cutipa, D. C., Sánchez-Vicente, J. C., Taminche-Canayo, R., Carrasco-Farfan, C. A., Palacios-Zegarra, A. A., Mendoza-Flores, C., Quispe-López, P., & Toro-Huamanchumo, C. J. (2018). Depression and Abuse During Medical Internships in Peruvian Hospitals. Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría.
Resumen : Objective: To estimate the prevalence of depression and abuse and identify the associatedfactors in medical interns in Peruvian hospitals.Methods: We conducted a multicentre, cross-sectional and analytical study during themonths of March to May 2016. We included medical interns from 18 Peruvian hospitals,in Lima and provinces. We used a survey that included sociodemographic data and a scaleto measure the perception of abuse (psychological, physical and sexual). In addition, weused the Spanish version of the PHQ-9 to evaluate depression. We used Poisson regressionwith robust variances to calculate prevalence ratios (PRs).Results: A total of 402 medical interns participated in the study, the median age was 25[IQR: 21–33], and 52.7% were male. Moreover, 25.4% of them suffered from depression. In theadjusted model, the variables associated with depression were age (PRa = 1.15), the numberof hours they sleep per day (PRa = 1.23), being a woman (PRa = 3.33), performing the intern-ship in a province (PRa = 0.25), studying at a public university (PRa = 0.64), living with parents(PRa = 0.65) or alone (PRa = 0.33), and having perceived some type of abuse (PRa = 1.07).Conclusions: A quarter of surveyed medical interns had depression. Early screening is neces-sary to identify perceived abuse and other triggering depression factors that may adverselyaffect work performance and overall mental health during medical internships.
URI : http://repositorio.usil.edu.pe/handle/USIL/3919
ISSN : 0034-7450
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