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Título : How geography influences complex cognitive ability
Autor : León, Federico R.
Burga-León, Andrés
Palabras clave : Geography
Radiación solar
Complex cognitive ability
Fecha de publicación : 16-abr-2015
Editorial : Elsevier Inc.
Citación : León, F. R., & Burga-León, A. (2015). How geography influences complex cognitive ability. Intelligence, 50, 221-227.
Resumen : Evolutionary explanations for geography's influence on complex cognitive ability (CCA) imply virtually immutable components of between-nation IQ differences. Their weight vis-à-vis the weight of situational components was evaluated through an analysis of a 194-country data set. Additive effects of absolute latitude (AL) and longitudinal distance from Homo sapiens' cradle (LDC) explain Northeastern Asian higher, Sub-Saharan African lower CCAs. AL exerts cognitive influence directly and through socioeconomic development and evolutionary genetics whereas LDC does through evolutionary genetics; however, this occurs differently in Africa-Near East-Europe and elsewhere. The findings are understood assuming supremacy of contemporary UVB radiation → hormonal and climatic → socioeconomic mediators of the AL–CCA linkage whose effects are moderated by heterogeneous genetic and cultural adaptations to radiation and climate. Geography's cognitive effects are dynamic and public-policy actions may modify them.
URI : http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.intell.2015.04.011
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